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Home painting tips

New home has been repaired, whether it is simple or hard or luxurious super large clothes, looking at this empty wall, always feel that something is missing. What's missing? Of course it's an ornament. The adornment that suits metope most is painting undoubtedly. However, the decoration painting of various Spaces nowadays is not just a random one on taobao, which is easy to hang -- otherwise, hundreds of thousands of soft "pretend bility" might fall into "lowger" in an instant! Then space decoration hanging paintings need to pay attention to what? The first is to choose the painting -- A adornment picture that looks to pass careful selection, each respect picks not out of trouble, need to decide painting to taste according to the style of dimensional adornment, basically consider the element such as the style sort of painting, the material of picture frame and modelling, color of picture article. 1. How to determine the style of the selected pa

How to Display big canvas paintings

How to Display big canvas paintings Both realistic character types and abstract characters are always the theme associated with black and white determine decorative paintings. They accomplish different effects and take up different markets through different forms of expression. Since long as realistic character types are popular realistic figures, abstract characters mainly convey a kind of meaning. The big canvas paintings for sale figures show that this dark and white abstract figures decorative paintings bring you a brand-new visual pleasure. Within the past, there are many people are worthy to remembering. They have created a "history" which has left memorable images for countless people. Some monochrome character adornments are decorative paintings produced from classic nostalgic older photos and remind you of your memories. Allow classic repeat itself. Surroundings and characters have constantly been the two elements of decorative paintings. Whilst everyone apprec