Home painting tips

New home has been repaired, whether it is simple or hard or luxurious super large clothes, looking at this empty wall, always feel that something is missing.

What's missing?
Of course it's an ornament.
The adornment that suits metope most is painting undoubtedly.

However, the decoration painting of various Spaces nowadays is not just a random one on taobao, which is easy to hang -- otherwise, hundreds of thousands of soft "pretend bility" might fall into "lowger" in an instant!
Then space decoration hanging paintings need to pay attention to what?
The first is to choose the painting --

A adornment picture that looks to pass careful selection, each respect picks not out of trouble, need to decide painting to taste according to the style of dimensional adornment, basically consider the element such as the style sort of painting, the material of picture frame and modelling, color of picture article.

1. How to determine the style of the selected painting

For the space, you can choose some modern themes or abstract styles, such as:
It's easy to create an edgy feel.
Of course, the same space can also match some scenery or flowers of this kind of 12 cent "joker" painting:
Especially the space that slants pastoral style, this kind of picture is the choice that does not have two:
Then if you are the European classical elegant space, the classical oil painting will make the existing decorations look more shining:

2. How to determine the material of the painting frame

The choice of picture frame material pledges a variety of diversiform, have wood line, polyurethane plastics foaming line, metal line frame to wait, each have each adornment effect, the choice is much, also be dazzling.
Because the effect of collocation directly affects the effect of on-site viewing, so the choice of picture frame has a lot of aesthetic stress.
But you need to remember a principle only: the colour of picture frame and modelling and the material of furniture and wind case photograph echo, match with picture style photograph again at the same time, won't give what Bug.

3. How to determine the color and tone of the painting

The important mission of decorative painting is to improve the overall visual effect of the space (bi) fruit (ge). Therefore, its color tone should be matched according to the main tone of the environment.
And should accomplish colorific organic echo, the most convenient method is to extract colour from main furniture, will decide painting is tasted advocate color.

4. How to determine the number of paintings

Adornment picture and other fragmentary adornment or whole wall picture differs somewhat again, not be quantity is more the better, be instead "rather less not much, rather be deficient rather excessive", form the focal point of one or two vision in a space environment sufficient.
But single painting is too monotonous, so if a visual space to arrange several paintings at the same time, what should be done?

At this time, the most important thing is that these paintings must have a certain "relationship", whether it is a relationship of density or internal connection. As for the amount, it can be determined according to the need of permutation and combination and the specific hanging effect


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