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Big canvas paintings for sale-From Shanghai hongqiao railway station,Large Abstract Art
 the high-speed train will arrive in nanping city,Great Big Canvas Art a small city in central fujian province in 4 hours. After an hour's drive from the high-speed railway station, we will climb over several mountains with few people and enter the valley surrounded by hills. Then we will arrive at jukou township under the jurisdiction of yanping district.
The establishment of yanping can be traced back to the late years of the eastern han dynasty.Contemporary Canvas Art. Due to the war in the central plains, the han people dressed in clothes and crossed to the south to overcome the difficulties of different roads and settle down in this valley, which was difficult to reach by military forces.ABSTRACT PAINTING EXTRA LARGE PAINTING CANVAS

This place entered the golden age in the song dynasty, zhu xi and other neo-confucianists established the academy here, and minzhong became the famous state of neo-confucianism at that time.
The hardship of geographical location has helped the survival of ancient villages. Within a 30-minute drive from jukou township, there are 4 national-level traditional villages and 4 provincial-level traditional villages.
In these villages, the construction of new villages has not destroyed the pattern of ancient villages, there are more than 600 ancient houses over 200 years old.
The main venue for this "village art season" is jiulong village, built on a hillside. The two oldest houses in the village are wooden houses with a history of more than 400 years.
In yuqing village, near jiulong village, there is a bridegroom's house. Its history can be traced back to the five dynasties and ten kingdoms period. The famous Chen family moved there and built it.

Last summer, when the team of ruan yi SAN urban heritage protection foundation came to jukou township, they saw the villages that lacked repair between green mountains and rivers. Some of the buildings had the style of the tang and song
dynasties, and were in a romantic shape. However, they had been abandoned for a long time.
The young people in the village have already left home. Only a few old people do not want to leave their hometown. They grow rice, dig bamboo shoots, raise bees, extract tea oil and live a self-sufficient farming life.
In these ancient villages, 80% of the villagers only return to their hometown when the annual sacrifice is held. The local primary school has been abandoned, and the old houses are in a dilapidated state. Facing such mountain village

ecology, it is not enough to focus on building houses.
Due to the differences in urban and rural resources, young people's migration to cities is an irreversible trend. With the aging and death of the previous generation, it can be predicted that these villages in the mountains will become barren villages in a decade or decades.
A struggling villager from jiulong village in fuzhou expressed similar concerns about the loneliness of his adoptive parents back home.
There are more and more houses in the village where the lights are no longer on.

Explore the poetic beauty of rural life

Introducing the idea of "art season", the villagers' wish is to let people outside to see "the original ecological village" and "let the old people in the village feel a little lively".
Curators in art fair point of view, this is not a devise economic profit of tourism projects, more consideration is to make the elderly villagers here feel, they are not forgotten people, they become accustomed to the intravenous drip is

valuable, just beyond the survival needs, the poetry and beauty of the country life itself has, is worthy of the excavation.
From summer to autumn this year, artists have been living in jiulong village, creating works in rural life and completing works together with villagers.
Multimedia artist Chen hangfeng has completed a 20-minute short film atong's ancestral home. Atong is a big boy born after 1990. He used to be a soldier and is very talkative.
His ancestors were hunters. In the short film, he dictated many legends of the village. Most of the "story meetings" could not be tested.
In the two wooden houses with a history of more than 400 years, time has swallowed up the traces of life. The barren grass grows from the courtyard to the guest hall. The artist has arranged colorful paper-cuts in these empty nests.
The topography of the village is the highest, two large bamboo cages are created out of thin air. This is to enlarge the proportion of chicken cages in local daily life into "installations". The creator zeng huanguang believes that the essence of art lies in the transformation of "life".
His attitude towards creation is also the belief of most artists. They do not condescend to let art drop into this village, but rather, it is this land that provides nutrients and contributes to their creation.


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