What's the difference between oil painting and decorative painting?

Custom Abstract Wall Art and Custom Abstract Canvas Paintings

Generally speaking, Large Abstract Paintings should be hand-painted, that is to say, it is created by a painter and an artist. Whether it is an original Large Abstract Wall Decor or a copy of a famous painting, it should be an artistic product that condenses the artist's spirit and physical labor. And decorative paintings, generally speaking, are printed, whether it is domestic or imported. Therefore, it is self-evident that the grade of a hand-painted painting is much higher than that of a garment-printed decorative painting. Neither oil painting nor decorative painting is justifiable. The key is to see the economic strength of the owner, but we must not fall into a price trap. If we spend the same high price, and finally buy a so-called imported decorative Big Black and White Abstract Canvas Art, it would be a big mistake. It can not be overturned to describe it. In the 21st century, while the quality of life is improving, people's aesthetic taste is also improving. Choosing living room decorative paintings has become a popular trend in today's society.


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