Three Painting Methods of Oil Painting Decorative Canvas Art

Three Painting Methods of Oil Painting Decorative Canvas Art Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.

1. Pure hand-painted. It is also divided into brush painting, knife painting, knife-and-pen combination painting, which is a high-end painting, but there are also cheap decorative paintings using propylene and pumice and other materials. If you use good oil paints, coupled with real artistic accomplishment of the painter, then there will be a real work of art. There is also a kind of hand-painted pipeline painting, which can draw high-quality pure hand-painted oil paintings, just like a printing press, hand-printed, painted oil paintings uniform, more of them are imitation of famous products, they are commercial oil painting.

2. Use modern printing technology to spray, and then the painter then painted, or all hand-painted, or partially hand-painted, this is a typical commercial oil painting.

3. Machine printing, and then use the machine to add strokes, there is a very oil painting effect, can only Mongolian pedestrians, said that it is a famous painting product, is the product of the times -- to be cheap, only this way, very cheap, It's just the cost of the canvas.

 Modern and Contemporary Abstract Wall Art
Modern and Contemporary Abstract Wall Art

Oil painting is one of the most aristocratic decorative paintings. It belongs to pure hand-made, and can be copied or created according to the needs of consumers. It has a unique style. Nowadays, the popular themes of oil paintings on the market are landscape, characters and still life.

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Oil painting is becoming more and more popular in modern times. In modern decorative paintings, a kind of frameless, simple style oil painting (frameless decorative painting) has impacted the modern home market with the trend of development. It breaks away from the boundaries of traditional decorative paintings, is personality publicity, fashion, and is the trend of modern home decoration.

 Large  Contemporary Painting Wall Art
 Large  Contemporary Painting Wall Art

Art language is one of the elements that constitute the form of a painting work. It is directly used to express the theme of the work. It has a direct relationship with content and form. The choice and application of artistic language must be in accordance with and coordinated with the theme of the painting, so that it has an existential value in the aesthetic sense and has a positive impact on the content of the work.


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