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Nordic style large canvas painting

Scandinavian-style design,  large canvas paintings while pursuing simplicity and humanity, also pays great attention to the care of the niche. Whether it is a large apartment or a small apartment, it can be designed with a Nordic style, and it will not look awkward. Now China's housing prices are very expensive. For friends with insufficient funds, buying a small apartment is a very good choice, but for small-sized decoration, it becomes a problem. Because the small apartment is difficult to decorate the ideal effect, if you use the Nordic style small apartment decoration, you can completely avoid this embarrassment, and then small units can also be installed with different wonderful. The area of the roof is generally not very large, it is a very typical small apartment, and the roof has a feature that there is a cross-section, so it will be very cramped, the activity space is very limited. Many people have a headache for the design of this area. With a Nordic design, it is very