Nordic style large canvas painting

Scandinavian-style design,  large canvas paintings while pursuing simplicity and humanity, also pays great attention to the care of the niche. Whether it is a large apartment or a small apartment, it can be designed with a Nordic style, and it will not look awkward. Now China's housing prices are very expensive. For friends with insufficient funds, buying a small apartment is a very good choice, but for small-sized decoration, it becomes a problem. Because the small apartment is difficult to decorate the ideal effect, if you use the Nordic style small apartment decoration, you can completely avoid this embarrassment, and then small units can also be installed with different wonderful.

The area of the roof is generally not very large, it is a very typical small apartment, and the roof has a feature that there is a cross-section, so it will be very cramped, the activity space is very limited. Many people have a headache for the design of this area. With a Nordic design, it is very suitable, a simple European-style sofa, a coffee table, a sloping skylight, light, and a place to sit down. There is such a lounge, I am willing to spend a day in it. The triangular roof is destined to be not too large in this area. To effectively use this small apartment, we certainly need to work harder. The design of the Nordic style is very simple, a bed, and then a shelf, a small coffee table, is all the furniture. The wooden beam area in the middle of the triangle, equipped with a homemade sofa, reading the book while swinging, don't be too cool.

It is also great to design the living room in a Nordic style. Several sofas and a simple coffee table, together with a carpet, and a Nordic-style living room are completed. The living room is decorated with green plants, simple decorative lights, and abstract art painting. It is also a good choice to decorate the triangular roof area into an aisle or a chess room. Go home from work and go to the front of the window. It is very pleasant to read the book while reading the scenery. A simple rack that can be used to put books, or to place small ornaments and then with a small square table, an independent small lounge is just dressed up.
The friend that has the balcony must not waste the space of the balcony, the balcony decorates rise, use very big, we can find a place for a sofa bed on the balcony, pull a string of neon lamp again, simple Nordic amorous feelings present immediately before our eyes. Midsummer night time, with two or three girlfriends about this, blowing the evening breeze, chatting, is it very interesting?


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