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understanding art paintings abstract

Nothing is more difficult to understand and more convincing than abstract painting. Something about these paintings actually interests the audience. It is well known that a work of art may be deeply loved by one work of art and that the same work may be condemned by another. Some people may know this, and those who don't may be surprised, because some of the best abstract artists of the past few years have been children. Some of these "young artists" have won thousands of dollars for their work. Isn't it amazing how much money these children's paintings can make these days? That's true. The reason people pay so much for these paintings is that they are lost in them. They're actually trapped in something called the art world. This requires us to explore what is missing in modern art. The biggest problem with modern art is the lack of dialogue between the painter and the buyer. The great thing about abstract art, no doubt, is that a person who has pain